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Cruiser 4 (Cruiser 4)
Cruiser 4

Cruiser 4

Cruiser 4  Cruiser 4
Cruiser 4  Cruiser 4

Cruiser 4

Cruiser 4

by: Hamant

Date Added: 21 September 2007

Steel Frame with Rack & Large Capacity Lead Acid Battery
Independent Twist Grip Throttle - Unisex Step-Over frame
Classic Style Mudguards and Rear
Electric Pedal Bike

Triple - Mode of Operation
Motor power only - 15mph max speed
Assisted power - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed
Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - any speed you like

High Spec
Independent twist grip throttle
200W intelligent brushless motor
Japanese Shimano 6 gear mechanism
V brakes on front and rear
26 inch wheels for smooth ride

Battery Performance
Lead Acid battery 36V 8Ah=288 Watt hours
10-15 miles with gentle pedalling on a flat surface
Full battery recharge in 6 to 8 hours > 300 recharge cycles

Physical Features
Adult sized step-over
Step-Over Unisex frame
Suitable for ages - 14 to 99
Handlebar height - 95 to 105cm
Saddle height - 86cm to 90cm
Length of cycle - 183cm
Weight including battery 31kg

Extras included
Battery charger
Rear rack
Kick stand
Specifications may vary