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Cruiser! (Cruiser1)


Cruiser  Cruiser
Cruiser!  Cruiser!
Cruiser!  Cruiser!
NEW Criuser 1  NEW Criuser 1
New Cruiser1  New Cruiser1
New Cruiser1  New Cruiser1
Cruiser 1 Red  Cruiser 1 Red
Cruiser 1red  Cruiser 1red



by: Hamant

Date Added: 12 January 2007

The cruiser1 bike is a mordern styled, well appointed, electric bicycle. Its unique combination of functionality and ease of use have resulted in it being adopted by a number of operators of hire bicycles clearly demonstrating its robustness and easy of maintenance.

road legal, ready to on uk raods as as is classed as bicycles
No road Tax
No licence required
No helmet required
Age restriction 14 upwards
Insurance not legally required
Low running noise-Low running costs,
Electric bikes, Electric bicycles, Electric scooter

- considered a gas-powered moped or small motorcycle, but dislike the noise, smell, starting problems and special laws

- deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.

The e-bike conforms to all current U.K. and European legislation.
any rider of 14 years or over, can safely take e-Bike on all roads ( motoways excluded ) without ther need for road tax, insurance or any form of licensing, whatsoever.

Why electric bikes
The traffic on our roads has reached a crisis point. Congestion has increased nationally by nearly 250 per cent, in the past five years alone.
In London journey speeds are down below 10mph on average and less than 3mph in the city centre. And as the car`s speedometer falls the driver`s thermometer rises. Man hours get lost, petrol gets wasted, emergency vehicles get stuck and accidents happen.
The rise in pollution also takes its toll on the environment and public health. February 17th sees the introduction of congestion charging in central London. The need to find new, imaginative forms of personal transport has never been greater. Hence ebikecentral.
We are a specialist outlet that have put together an unrivalled range of innovative, electrically powered bicycles and scooters. As an effortless way of beating jams, charges, and parking nightmares, you`ll find they `re a breath fresh air. Cheaper and less polluting than conventional scooters and mopeds, an electrical bicycle offers you a lot more than freedom of movement.
You`ll be free from Road Tax and MOT tests
You`ll be free from a Driving Licence, a driving test and costly lessons*
You`ll be free from the Congestion Charge.
You`ll be free from parking restrictions
You`ll be free from petrol bills
You`ll be free from the sweat of conventional cycling
You`ll be free from the grime and gear of conventional motorcycling*
You`ll be free to use bus lanes and cycle paths
You`re also free to pay us a visit, traffic permitting of course ">