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Freespirit 2 (Freespirit 2)
Freespirit 2

Freespirit 2

Freespirit 2  Freespirit 2
Freespirit 2  Freespirit 2
freespirit 2  freespirit 2
Freespirit 2  Freespirit 2
Freespirit 2 Ptm  Freespirit 2 Ptm
Freespirit ebike in garage Motor home  Freespirit ebike in garage Motor home
Folding Bike Rack tow bar fitting  Folding Bike Rack tow bar fitting

Freespirit 2

Freespirit 2

by: Hamant

Date Added: 9 August 2011

Freespirit Electric Bike Ultra lightweight alloy frame
New 2011 Model with Tektro Brakes and Rst ICS Sofi adjustable Suspension and Velo Comfy Gel suspension Seat
Freesprit Electric Mountain Bike Style Ultra lightweight alloy frame

Whether it's commuting to the workplace, getting in and around town or shopping,Freespirit makes local journeys fast and easy.

Light and convenient
Built from a high strength strong aluminium alloy material the Freespirit frame weight is kept to a minimum, and the Lithuim 36volt battery adds very little to the overall weight. Lithuim batteries are fast to charge and offer considerably greater power than conventional batteries.

A choice get exercise or no sweat
Independent power means that the e-bike can be ridden like a cycle keeping the rider fit whilst conserving the battery power or users can move entirely under battery power. The third option of operating pedals and power together gives a relatively effortless ride.

Freespirit - 25kg