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Galileo Big Eye 36v Mag Wheels



The "Big Eye " by poweredbicycles is a 27.5" wheel mountain bike with electric power assistance. The Big Eye is designed for the most demanding users who are interested in the advantages of pedal assistance whilst seeking their off-road thrills. The frame has been specially designed by Poweredbicyles to be robust and sturdy enough to handle the extra weight and higher speeds of the electric motor and power assistance, but without being too heavy for trail riding. Do not compare Big eye to a standard mountain bike that has had an electric motor system added to it, the Big eye has been designed as an eBike from the start to ensure maximum performance, durability and safety.

Riding the Big Eye will allow you to ride further and with more confidence than ever before. The climbs on your favorite trails will disappear with ease, the power assistance taking care of them, allowing you to concentrate more on having fun. If you use your ebike for exercise then you can turn down the level of power assistance, safe in the knowledge that the power will be there should you require it. No more excuses, you will just have to get out there and ride.

The 36V 468 watts Panasonic or Samsung Bottle battery is linked to a 250W BLDC hub drive motor to provide plenty of reliable power and looks .There are 5 levels of power assistance that are easily controlled from the handlebar mounted unit or you could have throttle for off road use 2016 ->models only. The level of power assistance, the remaining battery power level, the current speed and distance travelled are all indicated by the easy to read LCD display with Sine Wave Technology. Itis all very simple and straight forward, but the Poweredbicycles quality also makes it very effective.

The BIg Eye is available in Red or Black.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Prices &Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. E & OE


*All our poweredbicycles brand comes with 36v 468 watts panasonic or samsung Li-On battery is linked to 250w BLDC hub driven motor to provide plenty of reliable power. Pretty & Easy Functional LCD Dispaly: High-tech central control system is easy to operate with built-in multi-Functions: there are 5 levels of power assistance that easily controlled from read LCD display . it is all very simple and straight forward .but the poweredbicycles brand quality also makes it effective . High performance tektro front and rear hydraulic disk brakes ,RST suspension and shimano acera 24 speed gearing system makes the gearing simple change over .
Big Eye
Frame19" 48cmAssistant Levels5 Levels
Walk Function
Front ForkSuntour SR XTC
Adjustable / Lock Suspension
Sensor TypeSpeed Sensor
Front BrakeTEKTRO Auriga E
Hydraulic Disc
Rear BrakeTEKTRO Auriga E
Hydraulic Disc
Easy Start0 to 6 Km/h & Booster Mode
Seat Post w/suspension34"-41"
79 -102 cm
TGATwist & GO
Seat Post w/o suspension32" 84 cm
41" 104 cm
BATTERY36V 306 watts
SaddleMTB ComfyType Li-onPanasonic/Samsung
X-BarLOWEST 28" 71 cmRange25- 45 miles (35- 45km) *
Handle Bar & StemAlloy-Adjustable
41" 104 cm Lower setting
44" 112 cm Highest setting with STEM RAISER *
Weight3 kg
Bike Weight *23 kg 18.5 w/o BatteryLife span600 cycles
Can charge as often as you want . Smart Charging
Max Cyclist Weight100 kgPositionRear Rack / Bottle Battery
Max Total Weight120 kgSecurityRemovable With Locks
Overall SizeL170 x W61 x H99 cm
L71" x 25" W x 40" H
CHARGERIncluded :100V-240V
Wellogo LU-934 MTB

Charge Time4 Hours From Flat
Stainless Steel
Anti Salt
Consumption05-7kWh/ 1 by 1000Km
Wheels26 x 1.95

MOTOR RearHub 250w Brushless BLDC HT
Alloy Huafeng 700C
Front Quick Release
Max Speed25 Km/h ( No Motor Braking Effect)
13G Stainless steelToque17 NM
Tires (EBike)PRO Long life H/D Nylon
26 x 1.95 53-559 CST
Max Slope10%


Accessories Extra *

Shimano Sis IndexLightsFront and Back LED Lights *

Shimano Acera 8 24 gearsRear CarrierIncluded

KMC AntirustBasket ,Mirror Helmets and Panniers,Folding PedalsExtra

Chain Wheel

Shimano FC-M171


Puncture Proof TyresExtra


I have had a poweredbicycles City Rambler with the torque motor for two and a half years no win that time the only problem i have had is broken spokes in the back wheel. I have been informed that this can happen now and again. Last week i arranged to have this looked at and also the chain and cassette. They have replaced the spokes, straightened the back wheel and serviced the bike back into good health quicker than i thought they could. Whilst i was there i was asked to try one of new types of bosch motor system on a new bike they got in their shop. i did so but was not overly impressed with it in all honesty. the new system seems to jerk you along so the ride is not as smooth as i am used to. Also the gears seemed to cluck as you went through them. I think i will be staying with the poweredbicycles system that i have already got when it comes to renewing my bike. Hoping this helps other users of powered bicycles because i fully recommened their bicycles compared to others.

Roberts Davies


(Tom Robinson, Nottingham. July 2015 5 Star Review *****)I've had bicycles and motorcycles but I always wanted an electric bicycle.To do what?Go to the shops on a daily basis.Go out for mini-tours of the local district.Go along canal towpaths and around the parks.The electric bike can do all of these. It's a vehicle that's easy to ride and free to park. It's also unobtrusive and quiet.Ten minutes in Powered Bicycles, Long Eaton and just 5 minutes on a test ride and I was hooked. I wanted the CITY RAMBLER!After three months, here are my opinions about my Rambler:-The cycling performance is good - with or without motor power. It's easy to ride either way.I like the attractive, conventional design.Twice now I've been asked "Is that really an electric bike? Where's the battery, then"? It looks so "normal". The steering is sharp and precise. The handlebars have a great range of adjustment up/down and fore/aft thanks to the design of an amazing bracket assembly. This means you can easily choose the posture that suits you best.The brakes are alloy V-type. So,they are very powerful and yet sensitive to use. Just touch the brakes and the power is off at once and the braking force is felt immediately.It has 700C wheels. These are large-size wheels that perform well on uneven surfaces. They are coupled with effective front fork suspension and seat suspension to produce a comfortable bicycle ride.The bike has 5 levels of Pedal Assist. This is affected by the speed of pedalling AND the pedalling effort being applied.Assist level 1 does me much of the time with 2, or maybe 3, occasionally used on hills. The result is a completely natural riding feel except a giant is pedalling as well. It really puts a smile on my face as I zoom up those inclines that were so tiring previously.On Assist level 6 there is a real throttle control. Feels great travelling at up to 15 mph and not pedalling. I live on a road with a gentle, but "out of breath", gradient for about a 1/4 mile. Brings me and the shopping up there with no problem at all. The neighbours are impressed!The riding management control is via an LCD display,with three control buttons, mounted on the handlebars. It shows road speed,battery level, Assist level, etc. The buttons are used to change the Assist levels and to switch everything on and off. The display is clear to see and the buttons are easy to use.A bonus is that there is a "walking" mode feature. You press a button as you are walking alongside the bike and it helps you along. It's really useful if you have to push the bike up an incline - and it takes all the effort out of it.The bike has 21 gears. With Pedal Assist I find I just use large front cog and positions 3,4,5,6,7 at the rear. That's all I need around here - using Pedal Assist at levels 1, 2 or occasionally 3. The battery seems to last "forever" like this!The bike has just had its first (and free) service thanks to Hamant and Paul at Powered Cycles.Thanks Hamant for the "electric bike" I always wanted. Now off to sell the Harley! :(Tom Robinson

Tom from Nottingham


I first encountered Poweredbicycles at the Peterborough Motorhome Show. I had been looking at folding electric bikes for a few years and tried riding various ones but never found one which appealed to me. When I passed their stand I saw the Caio City bike and I immediately liked the look of it. I liked the battery positioned under the carrier rather than behind the seat post. Hamant encouraged me to take it off for a trial run, and I was immediately hooked.It was so sweet to handle, the hub gears a dream and the electric assist just magic. The price took a bit of getting used to though, I'm an Aberdonian! For years I have been trying to persuade my wife to have an electric bike, but she wouldn't even try one,so I decided to order this bike for myself and then perhaps when I got it home,she would try it. I explained how to operate the controls and she tentatively set off only using the pedals at first. Then she tried the motor on first setting. Well it only took a couple of minutes before she was hooked. She wanted to go straight home and order one for herself. We have each had different folding bikes before but the design and quality of these bikes is superb by comparison. The folding mechanisms are so sweet and simple compared to our old bikes. I recon that they are worth the money after all. Ordered one day and delivered the next. Great service.It has been a pleasure dealing with Hamant and I'm sure that if we ever have any problems, he will very helpful.

Chas fromKirkcaldy


I bought a Mantra City from Power Bicycles in June 2011 and now in the fourth year of use I feel justified in writing an appraisal of the service I've received and of the bicycle itself. I have been a keen cyclist since a boy and following a heart attack in 2010 I became interested in electric bikes as I wished to continue cycling, but with a little help up the hills. I tried a few models locally, but was singularly unimpressed as the shop staff were uninformed and the models themselves were poorly finished and performed sluggishly on trials.I then took a trip up to Long Eaton having studied their website which I found most interesting and informative. I gave Hamant an idea of what I was looking for: a machine that looked and rode like a traditional bike and had a bit of oomph in the power department. He intelligently gave me a choice of only two(just as well as there was an array of dozens all over the shop) - it's like Aladdin's Cave in there! I tried the first one which I found to be pretty good.The second one to try was the Mantra City which rode well, had plenty of power up the hill to the supermarket thanks to its 36v motor and was considerably cheaper than the other one. I ordered one there and then from a new batch which was expected to arrive in the following two weeks and it was duly delivered to my door on time. I started riding along the country roads where I live near Peterborough and straight away had that wonderful feeling of elation I'd had as a boy of twelve when I was given my first real new bike; the open air, the smell of the country, the independence, the pride of ownership. It's difficult to explain, but any cyclist reading this will know what I mean. During the following fortnight I put the bike through its paces on the country roads,parks, tracks and fields and used it on power as much as necessary. I found the endurance of the battery to be about 30 miles. This increased to 50 miles of intermittent use after a few weeks of the charge/discharge process. After the first two weeks, I brought the bike back to Long Eaton for its free service. I left it with them while I had lunch having explained that the only problem I'd had was an intermittent electrical fault causing the motor to cut out. They traced it to a faulty connector which they replaced. Over the years I've continued to enjoy my cycling and have had no further trouble. I manage to service the bike myself and the only spares I've needed are a couple of pairs of brake blocks and a replacement inner tube. Anyone looking to buy a poweredbicycle needs look no further than this highly professional organization.

Brian R


On 17th April my friend and I went to Powered Bicycles on a hunt for an electric bike.My friend has a small fold away bike along with myself which we use when we go away in a small VW van. However recently she has been unable to do long rides due to a knee problem and when we have gone away with friends she hasn't able to enjoy the rides and has often been left at the back or left walking with the bike. We were expecting to visit several shops in the East Midlands on the day to look for the one for her. However as soon as we stepped inside the shop Hamant looked to find out the circumstances for which we wanted a bike and how he could find the right bike for us. He let us try out several bikes from the cheapest to the most expensive and let us make our own mind up about which would work best for us. We knew we needed the bike to work independently (so a good powerful battery) and have a battery that wasn't too obvious and bulky. He showed us how the battery worked, talked about how long it would last for and whether it would get up the hills if we needed it to. My friend was convinced this was the place and that we needed to go no further. The only problem would be the delivery time. We were going away for the bank holiday and thought we wouldn't be able to get the bike in time to enjoy it straight away. But again Hamant worked round his schedule and told us we come back for it the following day. We also discussed different saddles which would provide extra comfort on longer journeys. He arranged to swap the original saddle for an ergonomic one and added extra suspension. We also agreed to special tyres that would avoid punctures.The following weekend we met up with friends and we all went biking at Rutland water. The whole route was about 25 miles but despite the electric bike being absolutely perfect for the job it was the other bikes which let us down - one puncture on the way out which was mended and then one of the party was ill and couldn't complete the route. I am convinced that with the extra peddling round the route my friend could have easily finished the 25 miles. My only reservation know is the security of the bike when my friend uses it for other things.

Cath Jones


Dear Poweredbicycles,I bought my first electric bicycle (a Galileo obtuse) from yourselves several months ago after a lot of searching. After getting rather frustrated about the lack of electric hybrid bicycles available for my size and being told"the best thing is to try it".........which I agree would be ideal,but isn't really practical when the shop is hours of travelling away, I was delighted by the level of service Hamant provided. On Hamant's suggestion I sent measurements and photos of my me and my regular bike, and on his advice that the bike would be perfect for me I purchased it. After wondering whether it was a lot of money to spend on something that might end up sitting in the garage I can only say WHY DIDN'T I GET ONE SOONER!!! I smashed my ankle badly in an accident and now have joint pain, and my cycling had become confined to flat areas with good going, which is very limiting in Yorkshire!I wasn't enjoying my standard bike. With an electric bike I LOVE cycling again it has opened up a whole expanse of places I can get to including places I wouldn't have gone before, hills are FUN!! I have become much more adventurous off road because I know I can power through, and I can now ride with my husband at whatever speed he wants. The electric bike is perfect because I can use it as a normal bike until I need the extra assistance so I still feel I'm getting a workout. I would definitely recommend one and Poweredbicycles took time to ensure I got one that fit.

Diane Hinchiffe


I bought a Galileo Big Eye 36v back in July (online; you were surprised) and have finally found a moment to send some feedback, as promised. I have been very happy with my purchase and want to thank you for building me such a great toy. I'm thinking that detail in feedback is good, so find below some thoughts about my experience. In terms of the positives: The bike is simply amazing. It has now covered well over 1,000 km in all kinds of weather and on varied terrain.Nothing has phased it so far and the battery life / range is actually much better than advertised. I am averaging over 104 km on a single charge, which is significantly more than I expected. I am a relatively slight female, don't'cheat" a lot, and my regular journey only involves a few hills plus a kilometre or so over a (currently very muddy) heath. Still, I think your advertising somewhat understated the potential range.The bike has clearly been well put together and the components are all of good quality. Nothing has gone wrong, needed tightening / adjusting, or given me any problems of any kind (so far!). To contrast this, my last bike had been back to its store of origin for various reasons 3 times before it had covered the same distance.Thinking back to the original purchase, I found the process simple and the bike arrived well packaged, with all the features I was expecting from the information on your website and indeed a little bit more. I recall being resigned to going out to find some mudguards based on what the web page said, then very pleasantly surprised on finding them in the box. It was very easy to do the last bit of assembly and reassuring that I didn't have to do anything too technical and could therefore trust that nothing was going to fall off on my first ride :)So that you can consider possible future improvements, there are a couple of things that would have been helpful for the benefit of online customers like myself: The bike appears to do everything that was advertised, though it doesn't quite seem to do everything that the attached instructions refer to,which is somewhat confusing. For instance, the display instructions refer to showing motor running temperature, yet this doesn't appear on the appropriate display for me. I assume that the instructions give the display functions but the motor isn't entirely compatible? If this is the case rather than something not working properly on my bike it might be helpful to consider developing a more tailored manual based on the manufacturer's standard one.More detailed general user instructions would have been helpful too, particularly for those who haven't had an e-bike before, in relation to using the gears together with the various assist modes. The first ride felt a little like taming a wild horse and it took a good few kilometres with various degrees of up and downhill inclines before I worked out what combinations I and the bike felt happy with. I am still not convinced that what I am choosing allows me to maximise each charge, so if you have any tips about this, I'd be very grateful to receive them.It would also be helpful to include a more detailed maintenance guide. Understandably, the most detailed aspect was about charging and battery/ charger storage. There were some other clues about the electric components and motor (avoiding water logging, not disassembling and such) but no detailed other information such as how often to de-grease or lubricate which parts, or recommendations about what to use / avoid. There was also no information included about optimal tyre pressure. I appreciate that these are fairly standard bike maintenance points, but for someone like me reading them in a detailed user guide would give reassurance that I am caring for my expensive toy properly.In terms of the warranty, there was reference made to proper maintenance and authorised people making any repairs, but no indication as towho these might be, other than yourselves. As much as I would love to, I can't get to you for routine servicing. I am down in Kent and the bike is my only mode of transport. Could you please advise if the local Halfords is acceptable?I suspect that at the current rate of progress my tyres are not going to last as long as the warranty and I don't want to risk invalidating it by getting Halfords to change them for me which will obviously involve some disassembly...Given the distance the bike has already covered, I'd also like to get them to do a proper service (eg check my brake cables), over and above my standard TLC.As you can see, all my suggestions for improvement are about user instructions. My experience overall has been extremely positive and I am very glad to have found your website. It is clear that the reputation you refer to is well deserved. Thank you again!Kind regards


We're a couple with a 3 1/2 year old who have decided to sell up and have an adventure before our son has to start school. We sold our property in September, bought a motorhome and two powered bikes and headed to Spain in mid October. We will be educating our son while we travel, already making new friends from New Zealand and local Spanish citizens, our son has already learned that there is more to life out there than just England. Our powered bikes have already proved themselves, are used everyday and even for sightseeing tours up into the mountains. I love speeding passed the professional looking cyclists with my basket on the front of my bike! We wouldn't be without our bikes, simply the best decision we've made!!


Torque Motor

These bikes can also be fitted with torque assist Motor as extra

Intelligent Pedal Torque Sensor System

Innovative I.P.T.S. (Intelligent Pedal Torque Sensor) system that detects the torque value from cyclist's pedal force and thus provides humanized assistance comfortably, just like an advanced "auto-shifting" device on your fabulous bike!

Torque ebike uk

C-Bus Line

can-bus Line ebikescan-bus Line ebikescan-bus Line ebikescan-bus Line ebikes

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