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Lion MK1 Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

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  • Lightweight Aluminium Folding Frame
  • Independent Twist Grip Throttle
  • Lithium Ion Technology
  • Triple - Mode of Operation
  • Motor power only - 15mph max speed
  • Assisted power - Motor and Pedals - 15mph max speed
  • Cycling only - Without Motor Assist - any speed you like
  • Independent twist grip throttle
  • 180W intelligent brushless motor
  • V brakes front and rear
  • 16 inch wheels for a smooth ride

Battery Performance
  • Lithium Ion battery - 24V 8Ah = 192Watt hours
  • 15 miles (24km) with normal pedaling on a flat surface
  • Full battery recharge in 6-8 hours >1000 recharge cycles

Physical Features
  • Adult sized Folding Bike frame
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Suitable for ages - 14 to 99
  • Handlebar height - 110
  • Saddle height - 75 to 93cm
  • Length of cycle - 140cm
  • Weight including battery 18kg.

Extras included
  • Battery charger

Tools required (supplied)
  • Spanners
  • Allen keys

Net Weight 18 kg
Gross Weight 23.2 kg
Box Size: 860 x 410 x 675
Battery Information
Model K-N24-10Ah
Application Electric Bicycle
Capacity 10Ah
Voltage 24V
Internal Resistance 80m
Max. Charge Voltage 29.6V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 21.0V
Charge Method CC/CV Special Charger
Rated Discharge Current 5Ah
Max. Discharge 10~15A
Dimensions(Cell) 32*56*73mm
Dimensions(Battery Pack) 252*57*75mm
Weight About 2.1Kg


Here is a sample of just a few of our reviews we get back about our customers purchases of our PoweredBicycles Electric Bicycles:

I recently bought a powered bicycle from Scattergoods Motor Parts (PoweredBicycles) in Long Eaton. Since then I have been riding to work about 8 miles each way. It's been great, I beat all the traffic including the buses and have knocked off between 15-25 minutes on the journey in. 8 miles in 35 minutes in rush hour traffic! I bought a powered cycle as I thought it would keep me on my bike daily. I am fairly fit but didn't want to arrive at work sweaty and exhausted. With my new bike I pedal and use both manual gears to increase the speed in combination with the electric gears. It sounds complicated but its not, what it means is I can get as much or as little exercise as I want and have options. I absolutely love not having to wait in traffic, I definitely recommend this product if distance is a barrier for you getting into work on a bike. ps. the staff are really helpful.


"MAKE EXERCISE A BREEZE", the words my partner now uses to explain the benefits and enjoyment of these terrific inventions. It's been over two years since we purchased our first electric bikes from Poweredbicycles, which were our first electric bikes. The decision to buy from PoweredBicycles was taken after a fair bit of research, travelling around and testing of the electric bikes available at the time. We didn't have to use any real scientific evaluation to make the decision it was almost obvious to us when we had met Hamant and the team at their slightly confusing but thoroughly endearing, well stocked and welcoming shop in Long Eaton. Hamant's passion, knowledge and desire for his product was infectious, it left all the other retailers we had visited looking dull, uninviting and uninteresting. We had planned to spend an hour or so at the shop that first day, having arrived at 10:00am, travelling from North Yorkshire. We left seven hours later at 5:00pm! Throughout the time, we never once felt pressured that we had to make a purchase, we were just given a step-by-step understanding of the technologies used in the production of the bikes, the history of the business and the choices available us. We made endless, but vital trips to the 'testing ground', across the road with different styles of bicycles, not realising that we were being assessed by Hamant as to what we were really after, and what would be best for us. Indeed, my partner, Sarah, was initially more concerned with the look of the bike. Her aspiration was that it had some real street cred, e.g a mountain bike look alike. All the time Hamant was getting to know her, and knew exactly what bike was best for her. How right he was, Sarah is so passionate about her bike, she rides most days and calls it "Lady Penelope". She wouldn't change it for anything. I didn't really know what I wanted, but once I'd ridden the Mantra City, I was smitten, and I remain smitten to this day. It's a wonderful bike, both on road and even some bridleways etc. We always take the bikes with us on our motorhome holidays, which we thoroughly enjoy. Everything that we told by Hamant about the bikes, their capabilities has proven to be totally correct. After many years of heavy use, I feel we are in a worthy position to comment on this. I have been down to see Hamant several times over the past few years, and have always been made to feel very welcome. I have no concerns about recommending Poweredbicycles to anyone. My brother and his wife have recently also bought bikes from them, they too are totally happy with their bikes.

Neil and Sarah
If you would like to see our whole list of reviews click HERE!

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