A Massive Thank you and a Huge Apology

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you, now that i can (more on that later) for all the support you have given us this past month (and all the years we have been here) but especially for the shows we have attended this month, it has been hectic, manic but best of all it's been fun.

I was not there personally but Hamant was and he says it was great to see you all and enjoyed speaking/advising you on the bikes you were asking about, now we are coming to winter time we thought it best to go to as many shows as we can before it so we can see all of you before the dreaded British cold.

We have been at a show every weekend for the past 5 weeks which has definitely kept us on our toes. but we are all back at the show settled in and ready to assist all of you as and when you need us.

Now for the apology, you wont know this but we have had basically no internet for the past 2 weeks so we have hardly been able to reply or notify everyone with our problems (its why there has been no blog about the shows we were at) but we are back up and running from now, fingers crossed, and we will get replying to all emails and questions as fast as we can so sorry to anyone who has not received a reply from us.

Mainly this is more about the thank you though because we really do appreciate the community that comes to see us and tells us about what they have been up to and how they are getting on so genuinely from all of us Thank You!!!

As always now that everything is back up and running if there is anything that you would like me to talk about in the blogs leave me a comment down below and il do a blog on it as soon as possible.

Another thing is our forums, they havent seen much love over the past years and i want to rectify that so from now on if there any problems you have you can post them there as well, obviously you can help each other with problems but i will look over them as well and try to give my best advice on them.

This helps everyone because sometimes we get busy or have technical problems and can't reply as fast as we can but in the meantime you can help each other along the way.



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