Asthma Help from Poweredbicycles

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my new find with you all. I have brittle asthma like many of you guys. I desaturate when I walk so have to use a wheelchair mostly outdoors. I have regular physio to try and improve the distance I can walk safely, but have been getting more frustrated relying on others to push me in my wheelchair. Until that is I found my bike. Its fab, it is a powered bike and so I don't have to pedal. It will do about 10 miles (then needs charging) without me pedalling at all. I am so chuffed with it, as it looks so 'normal'. It is like a mountain bike and unlike my wheelchair doesn't look 'disabled'. I have a new found freedom and independence. I showed a video clip to my respiratory consultant and he suggested I wrote to asthma uk. I thought I would post a message instead. The website to look at is I am NOT a sales rep, just a

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