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Hydrogen Cell bike (Technical Pictures)
Hydrogen fuelcell electric bike

Technical Pictures

Hydrogen fuelcell electric bike  Hydrogen fuelcell electric bike
Hydrogen Cell bike  Hydrogen Cell bike
Hydrogen Electric Bike  Hydrogen Electric Bike
Bike Rack on Caravan  Bike Rack on Caravan

Hydrogen Cell bike

Hydrogen Cell bike

by: Hamant

Date Added: 10 September 2007

Hydrogen fuelcell electric bike
Photo Category: Technical Pictures
Photo Description: Hydrocell" is a unique new lightweight hydrogen fuel cell with an internal metal hydride hydrogen store. It combines hydrogen gas with oxygen from the atmosphere to create electricity silently and cleanly. The only byproducts are water vapour and heat. This long-life power unit can be used in many remote and mobile locations where it will out-perform traditional batteries.

With its internal 40 litre low-pressure metal hydride hydrogen storage the Hydrocell is a convenient, safe and easy-to-use portable rechargeable hydrogen fuel cell battery that is just as easy to use as a lead acid battery. The Hydrocell fuel cell battery has numerous applications such as power source, battery charger, or back-up battery in remote or mobile locations including cottages, boats and cars. There are countless applications.

When used as a battery the internal hydrogen store of the Hydrocell fuel cell battery can be quickly recharged in just 15 minutes by coupling it with a portable metal hydride hydrogen storage device. If more capacity is needed portable hydrogen storage can be connected and/or changed during its operation. When the Hydrocell fuel cell battery is combined with external metal hydride storage, energy densities are much better than with traditional battery technologies.

The Hydrocell fuel cell battery has no self-discharge effect when kept in a sealed case. Therefore it can be stored for several years without losing hydrogen and reducing its capacity.

The Hydrocell fuel cell battery technology is based on cylindrical electrodes with a specially developed alkaline gel electrolyte as charge carrier. The cylindrical shape is durable and light, and the gel electrolyte does not leak out of the fuel cell regardless of the position, making the Hydrocell fuel cell battery practical for changing conditions. There is also an expansion volume, which enables operation of the fuel cell battery even when water generated by the fuel cell is not in equilibrium with water evaporating from the cell. The fuel cell is equipped with electronics to raise the voltage from 0.8 V to 14.5 V, with built-in overload protection.

In this case H2 + O = "Hydrocell".