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Neil Duffy's Story

posted on 18 November 2014 | posted in Our Customers  | ( 0 ) Comments

Back in 2011 a gentleman came into our shop looking for an electric bike that he could commute to work everyday, a 50 mile round trip to and from work. We eventually sold him a Mantra City Bike after he told us that his car was simply costing him too much and was a choice between selling his car or moving into a different house that didn't cost as much.

Its now been 3 and a half years since he bought that bike and he has sent us an email detailing his experience with the bike:

"Hi Hamant

Can you remember back in 2011 you sold me a mantra city bike (Neil Duffy) from farnsfield well the bike has now been fully tested 3 years later with a staggering 28080 on the clock it has been to my place of work 5 days a week for the last 3 years though all weathers snow, wind, rain it's still got the original battery and motor which I have managed to replace the bearings .the bike has saved me approx. 50 a week in petrol the service I got from Hamant was outstanding I know its took a long time for this review but I do test things to destruction but the bike has survived and is still going strong.

cheers Neil Duffy"

He has been using his bike for 3 years and has only had to come in once in the time he has had it and that was only for a service and to replace some bearings, over this period we have worked out that he has been saving near enough 5000 a year which totals up to 15000 for the whole period he has had the bike.

Not only this but he has become a lot healthier by losing weight, we know the bike has helped him achieve this. We believe that this could have even raised his life expectancy. so we just wanted to say keep it going neil and we hope to hear back from you in another 3 years boasting of your success!!!


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