Our Updates

Hi Everyone,

I mentioned in the post yesterday that we have not had much time on our hands for our blogs and mailshots etc. I just wanted to explain whats been happening with us and what we have been trying to achieve.

So to start off we have recently updated our bikes, if you check them out on the rest of the site they have been freshly modernised with new colour schemes, new materials but yet built with the same care, attention and system as you are all familiar with so nothing complicated has changed it just looks more fresh for a new year. This took a lot of time to get sorted as you can probably understand which took most of our time up (including the huge delivery of the bikes!!!)

As well as that we have been to quite a few shows this year promoting our new range, we still have a few shows we will be attending:

  • Malvern show 14th-16th August

  • Lincoln show 25th-27th September
It would be lovely to see some of you there at the shows, just look out for our Logo and come and say hi!!

We have been updating the website as well with new ranges of bikes such as Haibike, Raleigh and Peugeot giving you much more of a selection than you have ever had before, this was just something that needed to be done but we still have all of our poweredbicycles on the site so don't forget about that!!!

So yes we have been a very busy bunch travelling and updating this year. We are now settling down and are back in business in terms of our blogs since we have a lot more free time..... that does not mean we aren't still up to things though!!

But that's enough about us for now, we plan to be using this blog for things that you would like to hear, we will be talking about fitness, stories of what our customers have done with their bikes, ideas of places to take your bikes and much more. So please feel free to either send an email to Poweredbicycles@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog with your suggestions and feedback

Like i said in my previous blog Thank you for reading this and please feel free to comment and i will reply as soon as i can

p.s i just want to let people know that i have to authorize the comment because we do get a lot of junk on the blogs so if it doesn't show up instantaneously that is why, but anything that is not spam will be posted

Thanks Again


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