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Repairs to Existing Bikes- Ours or Not

Selling Bikes is not our only Service

We at PoweredBicycles do not only sell bikes, we fix them as well. The bike does not have to be one of our own, as long as you can give us as detailed as explanation as you can to what the problem is and we can try to find the problem and fix it as soon as we possibly can.

To make sure we can fix it, it would be better if you rang us first on 0115 9727201 and talk to us about the problem, we will then be able to make a judgement on what is best for your situation. we also do check-ups/servicing and minor maintenance for bikes even if they are working if you just want to make sure your bike is at its best.

Our Other Services

Licence Plates

We can make up a licence plate for your car/motorcycle for just 13.95 or even just non-legal show plate for your wall for 14.95. When you bring your documents down to us we will be able to make a plate up in about 5-10 minutes depending on how busy we are in the shop. All we need is your driving licence/logbook and we can make one for you.