So What Is An Electric Bike Exactly

Hi all,

Just a simple and easy question for you all, What is an Electric Bike?

Pretty simple isn't it, its a bicycle with a motor and a battery that you don't have to pedal as much, easy as that...... or is it?

Of course this was not going to be as simple as that. Yes that is the definition of an electric bike but it is not what it is all about. see electric bikes are so much more than a normal bicycle for many simple reasons. here is just two of them

1. Adventure

I mentioned in one of my very early posts called "One Big Adventure" about a family that sold up and went one a huge trip before their son goes to school. the idea of being able to do that is mind boggling and brilliant that we managed to help them on their way. Yes people will say they could have used normal bikes but you have to remember that not every country in the world is flat so it would have been a lot more work.

using an electric bike means that you don't have to put so much effort in so you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of life that others times you would miss, and that is worth it by a mile. Life is worth enjoying to its fullest.

2. Expenses

This is one that is sometimes hard to grasp, see i fully understand that an electric bike is a lot of money but it is like an investment, it all depends on how much you use it in my opinion, we have countless people that use them for trips to work averaging 40 miles a day, those cases the savings are immense.

You have to take into account cars and such. Fair warning this is going to go very mathematical and is all theoretical and rough estimates:


so around where we are the average for petrol is 1.12 per litre, average car petrol tank size is 50 liters so it is approximately 56 per fill up.

now this is estimation but say you fill up once every two weeks ( can be even less than that ) the cost per year of that is 1,456 per year which is a huge amount seeing as i haven't included, tax, MOT, insurance and the rest. Per year a car could cost around 2000 plus whatever you paid for the car in the first place.

Electric Bikes

So now for Electric Bikes, You are looking in the region of 1000-1400 which yes is very expensive, however the running cost make an electric bike much more viable, to charge an electric bike to full it costs 2p and lets say you do it everyday for a year it costs 7.30, no insurance or tax and are perfectly road legal so over one year so are making a slight saving


1 Year: 2000
2 Years: 4000
3 Years: 6000
4 Years: 8000
5 Years: 10000

Electric Bike
1 Year: 1407.30
2 Years: 1414.60
3 Years: 1421.90
4 Years: 1429.20
5 Years: 1436.50

Plus some services over the years so lets say 500 services due to maybe a replacement part here and there

So in total


Electric Bike

That is a saving of 8063.50 which can be spent on all manner of things like a holiday to take your E-Bike on. Which is what this is all about showing you the advantages of the electric bicycle.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what an electric bike can be, adventure and potential investments into your future.

If there are any questions as per usual please feel free to comment down below and i will respond as quick as i can.

Thanks for reading


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