The Big Myths about Electric Bicycles...... Busted

Hi Everyone,

I know it has been a very long time since we last posted (I think Christmas time maybe....oops) we have been so busy over the past few months with new upgraded bikes, general maintenance around the shop and other things, However this is not our topic for today and will be discussed later on.

I'm here to talk about everything i hear about electric bikes on nearly a day to day basis and what deters people from even considering them "useful" so where shall i begin.... maybe at the most controversial and hardest to answer and the one i hear more than any other:

1. "Aren't Electric bikes kind of....... cheating?

Now then...... this is one of those questions that even if i answer it people will still think it is cheating but il try my best anyway, people are of course are allowed to voice their opinion as freely as they want however in my honest opinion i do not see them as "cheating" what you have is the option for people to get light to moderate exercise whilst having pedal assist, the option to use a throttle to get up steep hills that otherwise you would have to walk up and to even turn all the electrics off to ensure you get the maximum exercise you can during your ride.

I also do understand peoples point of "if i am just going to turn it off, whats the point in having it in the first place?" Again you are entitled to that view but its for the times when you are struggling. A friend of mine is extremely into bike racing, he has just invested in a top of the range Haibike for the days where he is not feeling up to pushing himself as much as he does due to illness or tiredness, he uses it like a normal bike but for the return trip he will use pedal assist to ease him home....... it how you use the bike that matters.

2. An Electric Bike is just a Moped with pedals isn't it?

Again this is a matter of peoples opinion so i shall share mine, my answer is no and ive got a few examples to prove my thoughts on it. pick up an electric bike.... a bit heavy but you can do it, now pick up a moped...... it's not going to happen, a moped you need a driving licence, insurance, tax..... with an Ebike you need none of these (although insurance is up to you). Ebikes have zero emissions since they are electric where as moped cause a lot of pollution. Mopeds can be (as we all know) extremely loud, where as Electric bikes are near enough silent.

So to summarise, i believe there are considerable amount of differences between a moped and an electric Bike, mainly favoring the Electric Bike.

3. What happens if i run out of battery whilst riding? it is unusable isn't it?

Recently i have heard this a lot, i'm not sure where this information has come from but it is totally false, if it comes down to it and the battery runs out it still operates as a normal bike, i mean obviously it is inconvenient if you are using it but you can still cycle home.

We say that most bikes can do around 40-45 miles before running out of battery (20-25 miles using throttle) which in a normal scenario is enough for pretty much any kind of use, if a battery goes flat you simply put it on charge, can take up to 4-6 hours to fully charge and get you back on the road. understandably that is a long time but you have to remember that to charge an electric bike it costs.....2p in total so the savings you get an well worth the wait.

4. Well since it is electric i can't exactly fix it myself can i?

This is the complex question so il split it into the two main components.

Software wise no you can't, our system has been developed by us which is why other electric bike shops have problems fixing our bikes..... sorry about that but with our system that is plug and play, if something goes wrong you can contact us and tell us what part is going wrong, we can send that part to you and you can simply plug it in and off you go again. Easy as you like!

Mechanical wise such as gears, brakes and chain.... yes of course you can, it is simply just a normal bike so if you have knowledge of servicing a normal bike it should be easy enough for you.

We do servicing for around 30 that includes mechanical and software so if something ever happens we will be happy to fix it for you.

I'm hoping that this clears a few things up, i do want to point out that i am not trying to convert people and force you into buying what we sell, all i am trying to do is make sure people have the full story about electric bikes because people sometimes see things as easy as black and white, where as what i'm trying to do is just show you its not as easy to rule out Ebikes as that.

I hope that if people see this they will possible comment and maybe share this about so other people can be informed about the myths i have covered today. i do hope that people comment because i'd love to hear your views on this subject

So this is me signing off and thanks for reading and i hope you have a great day.


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