Trans Pennine Trail 30/07/2010

We have customers that buy our bikes for numerous reasons, some that are motorhomers, some that are commuters and some that simply love the outdoors. A while back we had a couple of people buy electric bikes from us that decided to do the Trans Pennine Trail on some of our older model PoweredBicycles Electric Bikes.

(This is the route they took)

The Trans Pennine Trail is a Cycle Route that is around 215 miles from Southport to Hornsea which could take around 5 days to cycle. a group of customers decided to use our electric bikes to make it easier on them throughout the long journey.

TPT Start Point

TPT Group

(Here is the Group eager to get going)

They began there journey at Southport underneath the marker that signifies the start point of the Trail. All of them are using older models of the bikes that we are using today.

TPT cycling 1
(Cycling on the Trail)

They began the journey on the 30/07/2010 on our PoweredBicycles, taking their time so they can enjoy any scenery and interesting monuments and sculptures.

TPT Bridge
(Admiring the view)

This trail is not about doing it the fastest or even time at all, its about going there and enjoying it the best you can and doing it with other people is definitely the way to do it.

TPT Downtime
(Having a bit of Chill time)

And of course they managed to get a bit of time to stop every now and again and see the great things along the way and make the trip all that more enjoyable.
TPT Cathedral
TPT Lake

(Some of the Beautiful views along the way)

They reached the end of their journey at the Hornsea Marker right on the coast. It took a total of 5 days for them to cross the whole 215 miles and there was nothing but praises for the trip and the bikes. We know that this is very late but we would like to say Congratulations on doing the whole trail and we hope our bikes aided you on the journey.

TPT Final Destination
(Finally done and ready for a Cup of Tea)

If you would like any more information on the trail and where to start you can click HERE to visit the website for the trail.

TPT Table 2

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