Winter Precautions for your PoweredBicycles

With Winter fast approaching and the icy weather very near a lot of people will be putting there electric bikes away and waiting till it gets a bit brighter and warmer. However it would be unwise to forget about your bike, it still needs all the love and care you give it during the summer time otherwise damage could be caused to the battery or other components if not well maintained.

We've complied a list of minor things to do over the Christmas period to keep your PoweredBicycle in top shape ready for use when the weather gets better!!

  • Make sure to keep your battery charged, HOWEVER do not leave it on charge constantly till summer arrives, this will ruin your battery and cost you money to replace it.

  • Try if you can to keep your bikes cables secure and away from anything that could damage them. We know this is a very obvious thing to do but when you leave something for so long anything could happen. A cover may keep it free from dust and water so none of the components get damaged.

    • Make sure the tires have full pressure.

    • Your battery is best kept at a temperature between 10- 15C and should be between 50- 75 percent charged.if you go away and have to leave the bike, please make sure that once you get back you check that the battery is above 50%. if it is less than 20% after a small amount of time then there may be damage to the battery so please call us as soon as you can.

    • Once winter is over we recommend that you do a maintenance check on your bike and make sure all the essentials are still working. Or you can bring it to us and we can do a check up for 40+ (Depending on what needs fixing)

      We hope you have a lovely Winter break and that you use your bike safely in the upcoming months. Hopefully the weather stays bright so you can be out enjoying your electric bike.

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