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Winter Precautions

posted on 10 December 2015 | posted in Help From Poweredbicycles  | ( 4 ) Comments

Hey Everyone,

Long time no speak (again) truth be told we have been quite busy with the run up to Christmas already upon us.

However i thought i would make some time to talk to you about what you should do with your electric bikes now the cold weather is now here.

Tips for Your Electric Bikes

  • Try to keep them covered when you are not using them, we know a lot of you use them for work but over Christmas they tend to be put away until its going to get at least a little warmer so just keeping them covered can keep them in good condition.

  • If you can (it is not a must) try to get out on the bike a little bit to keep it from seizing up just sitting there in the cold

  • Do maintenance on them just as you would do for a normal bike, check tires, chain, brakes etc. to make sure it is all okay.

  • Take the battery inside to ensure they do not get wet and get damaged by the weather.

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS KEEP CHARGING THE BATTERY: This does not mean continuously, the best thing to do is charge your battery once every two weeks or so.

Basically im sharing these tips with you because in the past we have known people to not follow these and then their bike has failed them when they go to use it next time. All it really needs is a little TLC over the winter period and they will all be fine.

Going to keep this short and sweet but as usual if you want to ask questions or suggest what i write about next just leave a comment down below and i will respond as quick as i can.




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Comments ( 4 ) - Add Your Comment
When will a bike be produced where the battery gets charged when pedalling or when travelling downhill.
It would much prolong the times between charging.
by Michae Hollands on 10 December 2015 19:57

I would like to know what new models are expected next year. Looking for a reasonably priced folding electric trike.
by Sue Galley on 11 December 2015 8:1


Firstly there are bikes out there than can self-charge when you pedal them, however they are no where near efficient enough to make it worth while.

You would need to be pedaling downhill for dozens of miles just to get enough energy to charge the battery to 15-20%. it would take around 5 to 10 times as long to charge as you are using the battery so it will never really charge.

Until the technology has been refined and there has been a way to make it efficient there will not be a bike that can go for much longer than it is without self-charging
by Luke on 15 December 2015 15:55

In Response to the second question about the Trikes, the one that we do is the City Adult Folding Trike:

If you would like full details on the trike please send an email to and i can send you some information on it

by Luke on 15 December 2015 16:1
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