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E-city Ultra Light 36v Best Folding Bike
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Lion MK1 Lightweight Folding Electric Bike
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City Runner Ultra Light 36V - Li-on Battery
City Runner Ultra Light 36V - Li-on BatteryDescription : The 2013 City Runner Ultra Light 36V with Li-...

NEW City Pioneer Ultra Light 2014
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Freespirit 2 Ultra Light 2014
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City Style 3s Electric Bikes
 City Style 3s Electric Bikes Description : The City Style Ultra Light 3s is an ideal t...

City Rambler Bike 21s Electric Bikes
 City Rambler Bike 21s Electric Bikes Description : The City Rambler Bike 7speed Ultra light is...

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Best Electric Folding Bike
Best Electric Folding Bike with 7 awards

Best Folding Bike UK
Best Folding Mountain Bike UK 26

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Welcome To PoweredBicycles - Electric Bikes UK

We are one of the most reputable companies in the Nottingham region trading in electric bicycles and motor parts for over 29 years. Our mission is not only to supply our customers with electric bicycles but also to provide them with a high quality service and assist them with our expertise so that they can fully enjoy the use of powered bicycles ; we aim to keep our customers updated on the latest technology in electric bikes and above all help them enjoy the pleasures of cycling without having to exhaust their legs. We want our customers to tackle hills and rugged terrain, traffic, fog and darkness with ease and comfort.

We recently got featured in Electric Bike Magazine - have a look and read about us! It tells you all about our new range for 2013!

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Powered Bicycles provides the latest technology in electric cycles. Every month we bring out new and innovative accessories to enhance the biking experience. An example of this are the high quality safety mirror indicators which give the cyclist and bicycle increased visibility so that they receive more respect and space on the road.

UK'S Leading Importer and Distributor of Quality Electric Bikes

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Just as everything in the world around us is getting high tech, we thought why not bring the ultimate biking and cycling experience to the cycling enthusiasts in its most sophisticated form? Why not save them from the pain of cycling uphill, or cycling in heat while they set out to enjoy scenic landscapes or pass through busy town streets?

We have just come out with the most advanced and most varied range of electric bikes, electric scooters and electric trikes to suit the needs of people from all age groups and all walks of life.

New Indicator For Your Bike! We have new indicators in stock right here. This new innovative accessory triples up as a safety mirror, indicator and brake light. Its also been shown that cars give more room to cyclists that are using these!

Why Electric Bikes?

There is an endless list of reasons why to choose an electric bike. To underline this, here are just a few of the most important ones:
  • On an electric cycle you can enjoy cycling in the traditional manner and ease through potentially difficult tasks such as driving against the wind, starting off and building up speed and negotiating upward slopes.
  • It is easier to enjoy the scenic environment when the task of cycling is nearly fully automated.
  • An electric bicycle is one of the most convenient short distance vehicles.
  • Cycling is environmentally friendly.
  • There is no noticeable engine noise and one does not get stuck in traffic as one does in a car.
  • It is a convenient vehicle for exploring alternative routes and there are no issues with finding parking spaces.
  • An electric bicycle covers small distances in no time, with minimum hassle and without perspiration.
  • A cycle is very economic especially at a time when fuel prices are sky high.

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