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The new TREND takes you to the future of electric urban bikes. Power becomes style with the FIVE F90 engine and the agile 7-speed Shimano gearbox. TREND stands out for the clean design of its hydroformed frame and for the modern details, such as the Axa LED lights. Safety in the city comes first: Schwalbe Big Apple tires have excellent grip even on wet paths, and with the standard supplied arch lock you stay sure when
In the case of untrained users with a heavier weight, consumption would change. To give some numbers that are however only indicative, on the flat we talk about about 140 km 85 miles to 160 km (100 Miles ) of autonomy at assistance level 1 and about 75 km with level 5, the most powerful.This Depends on Battery Ah used.
The distance shown is up to battery’s exhaustion. Ranges refer to results obtained by tests under the following conditions: battery fully charged and at the beginning of its life cycle, outdoor temperature of 25° C, flat road surface, rider’s weight of 75 kg, medium selected assistance level, asphalt paved road, typically urban mixed route, normal traffic conditions, no wind, mechanical gearbox with a higher ratio. Note. The described ranges vary in function of the following factors:

  • routes characterized by strong or prolonged climbs.
  • bumpy pavement; gravel.
  • headwind.
  • rider’s weight.
  • outdoor temperature.

Shimano stepps Battery e8000 mid drive ebike system 90nm torque


Extralarge wheels

The modularity that characterizes them is exactly what is needed by pathways requiring an immediate response and maximum security.

Shimano stepps Battery e8000 mid drive ebike system 90nm torque



FIVE F90 is a second generation central engine: it bites the brake in the city and is aggressive in the lowlands. Equipped with exceptional boost, FIVE F90 delivers power to deal with slopes up to 30% and ensures driving pleasure thanks to its noiseless, increased of the 10% than the previous model.

Shimano stepps Battery e8000 mid drive ebike system 90nm torque


LCD display with backlight, which allows to turn the system on and off, to Selec the assistance levels, to activate the soft start and to check the battery level.

Shimano stepps Battery e8000 mid drive ebike system 90nm torque


the front fork is a Suntour 63 mm

Shimano stepps Battery e8000 mid drive ebike system 90nm torque
Integrated Battery frame Design In the Frame

BATTERY * LI-ION 11.6 AH – 36V 417 AH

* Lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells.

BATTERY * LI-ION 14.5AH – 36V 522 AH

* Lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells.

BATTERY * LI-ION 17.5 AH – 36V 630 AH

* Lithium-Ion batteries equipped with Samsung cells.

Range 120KM

11.6Ah 417 Wh Battery 75Miles + & – *

Range 150 KM

14.0 Ah 504 Wh Battery 93 Miles + & – *

Range 200 KM

17.5 Ah 630 Wh Battery 124 Miles + & – *


Li-Ion batteries with Samsung cells


28″ x 2″ Schwalbe Big Apple


F90 250W/90Nm


Front & Rear Disc Hydraulic


7-speed Shimano


Aluminium 47cm

Front Fork

Suspension Lockable Suntour 63cm

Display Type

LCD 5 Levels / Torque Assit

Performance test on 504Wh 14.5ah Battery

% assistenza dei vari livelli % different levels assistanceLevel 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1100% 85% 50% 30% 15%

Performance Di Autonomia in KM Del Torque Drive System
Autonomy Performance in KMs of the Torque Drive System

Level 5
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Km 020406080100120140160180

*II dato dipende da condlzioni stradali, cario. Test eseguito su banco prova computerizzato.

* Data depend on the road condition and load. Test carried out on computerized test bench.

30%Torque-sensor motor allow you to tackle Climbs exceeding 30%

*Note: These are our standard model specifications. The bike’s weight and folded bikes dimension may not include racks and fenders. The specifications changes with countrys may differ slightly. We do our best to ensure that the specifications listed here accurately reflect the exact parts found on our production bikes. However, component changes do occur for various reasons and there may be brief delays on site updates. We reserve the right to make component changes without prior notification, which may cause discrepancies with the information listed on the web.

You can read more details in the page dedicated to batteries.


Frame Size19″ 48cm
SaddleSelle Bassano
Motor / EngineMid Drive F90 Nm Central Motor, Brushless 250W 36V
DrivetrainFive Central Motor
Pedal assist typeTorque Sensing
6 Km Push Start ButtonYes
Throttle Optional ExtraNo Option for This Bike
BatteryMade in Italy 36V, 8.8ah
DisplayMultifunction control unit; LEDs: 5 levels of engine assist and Soft Start device
Range25 Miles – 88 Miles *
FrameFrame: Aluminium 50cm Unisex
Wheel Size28 Inch / 700c
GearsShimano Acera
Suspension / ForkFront fork Suntour 63 mm
Front Brake / DiscAlloy Hydraulic disc
Rear Brake/ DiscAlloy Hydraulic disc
Bike Weight21.0000
Max Loadload 90 kg

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Upgrade Battery Option

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